Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wet N Wild Coverall Cream Foundation & Pressed Powder: Review & Swatches

I'll admit, I am a total foundation snob. But after reading several raves for the new Wet N Wild Coverall foundation line, I decided to give it a shot in hopes of finding a most cost-effective alternative to some of the mid-range foundations, like MAC or Kat Von D, that I normally use. I picked up both the Coverall Cream Foundation and Pressed Powder in the shade Fair/Light. I'm NW20 and that seemed to be a good color match for me.

I'm a big Wet N Wild fan in general, so I had high hopes these two products would live up the brand's reputation of delivering quality cosmetics at affordable prices. So how did they fare? Well, let's start with the cream foundation!

Cream Foundation
The cream foundation is packaged in a tube that holds one ounce of product, so you're getting a nice amount of foundation for the price. I paid about three dollars. The hole in the tube is a bit larger than the norm, so I do have to be careful not to squeeze out too much, but otherwise, I can't complain about the packaging. I like that it comes in a tube so everything is hygienic and it's easy to travel with too.

WnW describes this foundation as full coverage, but I'd say it's more medium-buildable. You can easily layer it as desired. It feels a bit thick coming out of the tube, but it doesn't apply that way. I usually apply two coats, using my fingers, but I've found a brush works well with this foundation too. It covers redness, scarring and blemishes beautifully, without looking or feeling heavy. You can layer to your heart's content without worrying about caking. Blemishes may need a little dabble of concealer, but after that (and some powder, of course), I'm good to go.

I'd describe the finish as semi-matte. It doesn't have any luminosity to it, but it also doesn't have the flat, porcelain finish a true matte foundation would. It just looks nice and natural.

The oil control is pretty good. With just the Coverall powder on top of the cream, I can go about four hours before I start to feel greasy and need to blot. By the eight-hour mark, I need to re-apply the Coverall powder to keep my face from looking super shiny and the cream from sliding off. But I'd still say that's fairly impressive. With an additional mattifying powder on top (like Urban Decay De-Slick or any other translucent oil control powder), I stay shine-free a few hours longer and I never get to that "melt-y" stage where imperfections like blemishes start to come through.

Overall, I'm completely blown away by this product. It has completely changed my mind about drugstore foundations. It's not quite as good as some of the mid-range foundations I've tried, but at this price, the difference seems pretty darn negligible to me. For once, I like something as much as my wallet does! If you want a quality foundation at an awesome price, definitely check out the Coverall Cream Foundation. It's the best drugstore liquid foundation I've ever tried! Way to go, Wet N Wild!

Pressed Powder
Now, unfortunately, I'm not as impressed with the powder as I am with the cream. It's not a terrible product, but it isn't the game-changer that the cream foundation was for me. It makes a nice companion for the cream though, which is mainly what I wanted it for. Plus I got this as part of a BOGO 1/2 off sale with the cream foundation, so it only cost about a buck.

The powder comes with a sponge, but no mirror. I understand that ditching the mirror probably helped keep the price point down, but it would have been nice to have a little one inside for touch-ups.

To me, anything that has "Coverall" in the title should provide full or at least buildable coverage, but I found this to be more sheer than the cream. I'd classify it as sheer to medium coverage. On top of the cream though, it makes a nice setting powder and provides a little extra coverage to even things out.

A swipe of the powder applied with the included sponge. It matches my arm really well, so it was hard to pick up on camera.

The texture is on the dry side--not chalky, per say, but it could stand to be a bit creamier. I think any skin type could enjoy the cream foundation, but the powder may not be the best choice for dry-skinned girls. It can accentuate any flaky areas if you're not careful. If you're oily-skinned like me though, I think you'll find it makes for an adequate setting powder. It has a natural finish--no shimmer or sparkle.

Overall, it's an okay powder. It's not amazing, but it's not bad either. Like the cream, it has a very accessible price point, but unlike the cream, I don't think I'll be repurchasing the powder. For the price, it's a nice add-on for the cream, but nothing I'd say you need to go out and buy right this second.


  1. Thank you for this review. I also like the foundation, it feels wonderful and disguises imperfections very well. I was thinking of trying the powder. I may try it. Thank you.

    1. Glad to hear you are liking it as well! I really like how beautifully it covers. If you don't currently have a powder you like over the foundation, this one might be worth a look. I wish it wasn't quite so sheer though!

  2. Insanely informative review!


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