Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Nails Painted By Someone Else

This week's TT theme is a super fun one: nails painted by someone else! I can't even remember the last time I had someone else paint my nails. Painting my nails is my "me time" and I like the relaxation, the ritual of it.

But for this challenge, I recruited my boyfriend, Michael, to paint my nails for me. He already has to suffer through hearing me talk about polish and having random bottles of it strewn all over our apartment, so I figured he was the perfect candidate. ;) Luckily he was a good sport about it and agreed to give it a try.

I let him loose on my stash and told him to pick any polish he liked. He chose Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame "because it's pretty"--can't argue there--and when I told him he'd need a base to go under it, he picked Butter London Slapper. For someone who's never painted nails before, I think he did a great job!

Here's a shot before clean-up, featuring an appearance from The Claw...
 And then here it is afterwards, all nice and camera-ready!

I was impressed with how well Mike did--and us ladies know bar glitter isn't the easiest to work with! I liked this combo so much that I wore it as a full mani for a couple days. Mike made some good picks! Apparently I can add a love for indie glitter to the list of things we have in common hah.

I can't wait to see how all of the other TT girls' manis turned out this week! Do you let anyone else paint your nails on a regular basis or is it something you prefer to do yourself?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Maribeth! I think so too. :)

  2. He did an awesome job and I really like that combination! :D

  3. He chose an awesome combo. Great job!!

  4. He really did do a good job--congrats, Mike! Great eye for pairing too. These are adorable together!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I told him he has received several compliments on his color-pairing abilities. ;) I'm proud of him though!

  5. He did a great job! This looks awesome!

  6. Very nice! That's a great combo!

  7. He did an awesome job! I love the combination of gold and teal.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I was impressed with his choices--I probably would have chosen something in the teal/blue family too if I'd done the mani myself. :)

  8. He did a good job, and the pairing was great. I normally like to do my nails myself.


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