Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pure Ice Spring Collection Preview

Is it spring yet?! I've had it with all this snow and gloominess! Michigan weather is a very fickle creature but I'm hoping we'll see lots of sunshine soon. I can't wait to wear all of my favorite dresses again and wear lots of soft spring shades on my nails.

Speaking of spring, drugstore favorite Pure Ice has four new polishes hitting the shelves in time to help usher in the season. Take a look!

I think the pastels in particular look lovely. Are we really surprised that I like the blue and the green best? ;)

Pure Ice is available at Walmart, Walgreens and online at the brand's official website. No word on an exact release date for these, but they should be popping up very shortly!


  1. Your picture isn't viewable :/

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Amanda! I uploaded the image in a different format, so hopefully it's all fixed now. :)

  2. Those look like they are going to be lovely, especially Home Run and Bikini!! :D

  3. Home Run and Bikini look beautiful!


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