Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Polish Roulette

Hello everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. Today is Tuesday, so for me that can only mean one thing...Twinsie Tuesday, of course! This week's theme is "polish roulette," where we randomly choose two polishes from our stash and try to make them work together.

For my first polish, I closed my eyes and reached into one of the drawers where I store all my polish. This particular drawer holds mostly China Glaze and I wound up pulling out Ulta-mate Holiday, a gold holo glitterbomb. Ulta-Mate Holiday was an Ulta-exclusive holiday polish (if you couldn't guess from the name) that came out in 2011.

Since I pulled a glitter, I figured a layering would make the most sense. I figured I'd go with a creme, so I closed my eyes again and reached into my Essie drawer (lots of cremes in there) and picked Mojito Madness, a green creme. I swear I did not plan this as a gold and green St. Patrick's mani for this past weekend! My family background is majorly Irish, so I'm choosing to believe this coincidence is my ancestors chastising me for wearing a pink polish (Color Club Flamingo, to be precise) on St. Paddy's.

I'd forgotten how opaque Ulta-Mate Holiday is! I had to kind of dabble it on so that Mojito Madness could still show through enough. I'm pretty "meh" about this combo, but given the random nature of this challenge, I know I could have wound up with something much, much worse!

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  1. oooh, I really like this combo!

  2. Cool! I have both of these and I don't own many Ultas since no store is by me for over 500 miles!

    1. That would be awful to live so far from an Ulta! I remember stalking the stores by my parents' house around Christmas time for the CG holiday trio that year. I went to several stores (sometimes more than once) before I found 'em!

  3. Great job getting these two to layer to beautifully! Haha, you're right, it would have been perfect for St. Paddy's Day too. Really pretty, Chelsea!!

  4. Beautiful! I love this topper. The colors are awesome!


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