Monday, March 11, 2013

Maybelline Coral Burst Blush: Review & Swatches

As part of their new limited edition Color Goes Electric Collection, Maybelline released something we hardly ever see at the drugstore level: orange blush! I don't think I've ever tried a Maybelline blush before (maybe at some point in high school), but I am a fiend for orange make-up, so Coral Burst blush came home with me! I got it for about six bucks at Walgreens.

Coral Burst looks very bright in the pan, so I was a little wary it might turn out to apply sheer. But I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this blush!

The texture is very smooth and blendable. The blush is also quite pigmented, but you can easily diffuse that intense color to give a softer look. Coral Burst has a satin finish, so there is some soft shimmer, but not outright sparkle.

Left: Unblended. Right: Blended.

I'm very impressed with both the blendability and the color pay-off.  It's an absolutely stunning color and I think it will be perfect for the warmer weather we (hopefully) have coming up.

I himmed and hawed over buying Coral Burst for at least a week, because I thought it would be too similar to another orange blush I own, MAC Modern Mandarin. But after failing to find a comparison between the two online, I finally just bit the bullet and thankfully, they are not dupes! I've included a comparison shot here in case it helps anyone else with their purchasing decision. They photographed pretty similar, but the difference is much more distinct in real life. Modern Mandarin is lighter, less intense and less red than Coral Burst. Unless you really love orange blush though (like me), then you still probably don't need both.

  Left: Modern Mandarin. Right: Coral Burst.


  1. Very interesting . I tried Maybelline blushes many years ago and wasn't impressed with the pigmentation. This one on the other hands looks amazing. I bet they are not launched here :)

    1. I tend to stay away from drugstore blushes because so many of them have poor pigmentation and staying power, but this one is awesome!! I hope you're able to find it!


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