Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: China Glaze Luxe and Lush

This week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a hyped up polish. EDIT: I guess it was supposed to be a hyped up polish we were disappointed by...oops! It may be because I have Hunger Games on the brain lately (I really want to see the movie, you guys!) but my mind went to the Hunger Games Collection. With the immense popularity of the books and now the movie, as well as all the behinds the scenes drama regarding whether or not this collection would even happen, I feel like there was a ton of hype surrounding this entire collection. But I decided to choose the shade I was personally looking forward to the most from the Hunger Games Collection: Luxe and Lush. It's an irridescent flakie with a clear base. For this mani, I layered two coats of Luxe and Lush over two coats of a-england Ascalon, a grey duochrome holo--stay tuned tomorrow for a more in-depth look at that absolutely beautiful polish.

Most of these polishes with shredded mylar in them tend to be a total assache to apply but Luxe and Lush was actually quite cooperative. I had to guide the mylar flakes away from my tips but other than that I didn't really have to place them on the nail since they go on pretty smoothly and dry time between coats was very quick. Luxe and Lush also doesn't have that awful jagged, bumpy feeling that so many of these types of polishes have. I love my Studio M flakies but even with topcoat (sometimes multiple coats of it), they feel bumpy and sharp. But with Luxe and Lush, one coat of Seche Vite sealed in any rough edges and smoothed everything out--not completely but enough so that I didn't have to worry about accidentally scratching myself on a stray piece of mylar.

I'd say overall this polish lives up to the hype, as well as the expectations I had for it. I love how it looks like little embers--very theme-appropriate! Pictures really don't capture this effect as beautifully as it appears in person. I own several clear-based flakies but none like this one.

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  1. Amazing combo! Im glad I picked this up!

  2. Fantastic combination! I'm glad I have both of these in my stash!

  3. So awesome! Now I want it! Haha! The movie was sooooo good!!!

  4. Looks fab. There is a matte charcoal and a frost charcoal in the collection as well. I did not buy the frost one - looked streaky to me & not my thing. But I am into this one. I like toppers way more than heavy glitters. I have not seen the movie yet either. I might be the last of many to get out to see it.

  5. I've seen so many swatches of this and I like your combination the best. This looks great over Ascalon.

  6. Love your combo! I just started reading the first book, it's pretty good!

  7. Looks amazing! kind of like a galaxy. It would look amazing against black. I ordered it and I can't wait to get it now :)

  8. Looks awesome, and good to know hat Luxe and Lush was cooperative! It's the one I'm most excited for.


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