Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nicole by OPI Spring 2012 Preview

So in addition to the latest installment of Kardashian Kolors, it looks like we'll be getting (at least) two more collections from Nicole by OPI this spring. First up is their annual set of Target-exclusive shades. I'm not sure when these will be released.

Great Minds Pink Alike

Look At Me, Look At Me!

That's Totally Red-ical

Purple Yourself Together

Next up we've got some more "texture coats," NOPI's name for shatters. This bunch includes some glitter shatters as well as regular ones. No word on an official release date for these yet either.

Opal Texture

Amethyst Texture

Aquamarine Texture

Quartz Texture

So what do you think? Personally I don't see anything that screams "must-have" to me, but maybe I'll change my mind once I see these in person. Which upcoming collection (NOPI or otherwise) are you looking forward to most?


  1. I don't love shatters but I like the look of the opal!

  2. That Opal Texture has grabbed my attention!

  3. Not a huge fan of crackle polishes but Im sure interested to see how the opal one would look!!

  4. Thanks for the release info! Purple Yourself Together! looks pretty and I agree with everyone ... Opal Texture looks wayy awesome!


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