Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe

This week, we're doing nails inspired by a city. I decided to go with a polish that was not only inspired by a city, but named for one as well: Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe. RBL is one of my all-time favorite brands (RIP) not only because of their gorgeous polishes, but also the artistic inspiration  behind each shade.

Ji always has the best polish descriptions so I'll let her do the talking here, as she really conjures up the imagery behind this polish beautifully: "An aerial view of her imaginary Santa Fe--the baked earth tones of ochre with the shimmery glisteningly ubiquitous dotted greens." Takes you right there, doesn't it?

RBL always delivered fantastic formulas and Santa Fe is no exception. This is two coats.

If my memory is correct, this is the only orange that RBL ever released. But what a beauty she is!

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  1. Being from the UK, I didn't exactly know where Santa Fe was, so I Googled. The first image that came up was of a building in that exact same orangey colour!


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