Friday, March 4, 2016

Smitten Polish Mint Chip

Polish in general is of course a weakness of mine, but I am especially powerless to resist the lure of ice cream-themed nail polish. I own quite a few of them and I've got one to share with you all today: Smitten Polish Mint Chip. As you would expect, it's a pastel green with brown glitter (both square and round varieties), intended to resemble mint chocolate chip ice cream. Adorable!

The formula is a little on the thinner side, but not so much so that it's at all difficult to work with. I used three coats here.

I'm not sure if Smitten Polish still makes Mint Chip. I tried checking but unfortunately their site is currently on hiatus.


  1. Wow, blast from the past! So Smitten Polish had to change its name & rebrand, and it's now Dreamland Lacquer. I just Googled the shop and don't think they're selling Mint Chip anymore, maybe it was LE?

    1. Oh wow, good to know! I had no idea. I haven't kept up with the brand in a pretty long while. I wouldn't be surprised if Mint Chip isn't around anymore, unfortunately. I'll have to check out their new shop though! Thanks for the info!


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