Friday, June 5, 2015

Whim Midnight Wink

EDIT: So apparently I was asleep at the wheel and this polish is actually called Midnight Wink, not Midnight Walk as I originally wrote. I think Midnight Walk is a better name, but whatevs.

There's yet another "gel-alternative" polish on the block: a new brand called Whim. Whim is currently an Ulta-exclusive brand and boasts a full line-up of colors, as well as a gel-like top and base coat. Bottles retail for $10 each and clock in at .32 oz, so they're smaller in size than your standard polish.

The packaging is extremely reminiscent of Butter London: rectangular bottle with a rounded cut-out for the polish, then a rectangular top with a round undercap, so you have your choice of which style feels best for polishing.

I skipped the base and top coat, since I've got plenty already, but two of the actual polishes did catch my eye. The launch line-up has a really nice variety of cremes, shimmers and glitters. The one I've got to show you today, Midnight Wink, is a dark teal jelly base packed with iridescent glitter and flakie pieces.

Midnight Wink looked kinda sheer and muddled after the first two coats, so I was a bit worried the sparkle wouldn't come through enough, but they started to pop nicely after the third coat. It took four altogether, as the base is surprisingly sheer given how dark it looks in the bottle, but as you can see, everything came together beautifully! The finished look reminds me of sunbeams glistening on top of ocean waves. It's very dreamy and summer-y.

I was convinced this was going to stain like a mother, so I was shocked when it came off without a hitch! It didn't take any scrubbing to remove, either. Ya gotta love that. I used OPI Infinite Shine base and top coat, so I can't really comment on the wear-time promises, but for what it's worth, this polish seemed to hold up just fine over the three days I wore it--no chips or scuffs.

So far, Whim gets a thumbs-up from me. The other polish I bought is a glitter, so I look forward to trying that out soon. I don't know if I'd pay $10 for a .32 oz creme, but for a standout shade like Midnight Wink, I'm willing to invest a bit more. I'm curious to see where this line goes and what types of colors they come out with next!

Have you tried anything from Whim yet? I haven't seen any online buzz for this brand, so I'm curious to hear what everyone else's thoughts are!


  1. Its pretty and would be perfect for galaxy nails too.

  2. I have to say that looks unreal! They are a bit expensive and 4 coats is a lot but with a similar polish as a base it'd be grand. The end result is worth it.


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