Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Preview

I have been using the Infinite Shine base and top coat with everything lately, but I'll confess that I've only bought one of the actual Infinite Shine polishes so far. I think that's gonna be changing though once these summer additions to the line come out!

OPI - Bee Mine Forever *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL38
Bee Mine Forever
OPI - Enter the Golden Era *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL37 
Enter The Golden Era
OPI - S-ageless Beauty *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL39 
S-ageless Beauty
Wild Blue Yonder
OPI - The Sun Never Sets *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL42 
The Sun Never Sets
OPI - Lavendurable *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL44 
Follow Your Bliss
OPI - You’re Blushing Again *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL46 
You're Blushing Again
OPI - Patience Pays Off *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL47 
Patience Pays Off
OPI - Silver On Ice *INFINITE SHINE - Summer 2015* #ISL48 
Silver On Ice

Yay for our first non-creme Infinite Shines! I don't have an issue with cremes themselves, but at $12.50 a pop, I like to see some more variety with my shade selection, ya know?

Look for these puppies sometime in July. Any you'll be adding to your collection? I'm liking the look of Wild Blue Yonder, S-ageless Beauty and The Sun Never Sets, myself!

Also, in case you missed it, feel free to check out my original review and swatches of Infinite Shine HERE.

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