Thursday, June 18, 2015

Essie Gel Setter Preview

Let's face it: "gel-like" top coats are the thing right now. It seems like every brand, from drugstore to high-end, has one. Now we can add Essie's Gel Setter to the mix.
ESSIE_CPD_GelSetter (1)

Like all the other gel-substitute top coats, this one promises high shine and long wear. To me, formula is EVERYTHING with gel top coats. Someone who changes their polish as often as I do doesn't necessarily care about extra-long wear, but if the top coat goes on like butter, I'll be sold! I just know I'm gonna wind up trying this one, because I am a sucker for new top coats...

Look for Gel Setter in stores next month, with a standard retail price of $10. Essie had it on their website for a hot second, but it's already sold out!

I've never tried any of Essie's top coats, although I am a big fan of their Feed Me Base Coat (full review HERE). Are they any good?

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