Saturday, April 5, 2014

OPI Coca-Cola Preview

UPDATE: Now with color names!

Confession time: I am addicted to Coca-Cola. As soon as I am awake and moving around in the morning, my first big task is typically to shuffle over the fridge and crack open a can of Coke. I don't do coffee, so it's my caffeine boost in the morning...and for lunch...and usually dinner too. I've been pretty successful lately at restricting myself to only drinking milk and tea--no pop allowed--in the evenings, but Coca-Cola, I just can't quit you!

So naturally I was intrigued by the idea of Coca-Cola partnering with one of my other addictions: OPI! The collection is rumored to have a June release date--perfect timing for a certain nail blogger's birthday... *bats eyelashes*

L to R: Coca-Cola Red, You're So Vain-illa, A Grape Affair, My Signature Is DC, Today I Accomplished Zero, Green On The Runway, Get Cherried Away, Orange You Fantastic, Sorry I'm Fizzy Today

Seeing the promo image reminded me that a few months back, OPI posted this shot on their Instagram as a teaser for their then-mystery upcoming collaboration:

Credit: @opi_products Instagram

Looks like three of the polishes on the left side of the promo shot, no? I'll post more images and color names as they become available, but in the meantime, consider this a sneak peek at things to come!


  1. I'm actually very excited for that red! And good luck with your limited-soda intake. I quit about a year ago.

  2. Ohhhh Ahhhh exciting! I'm not a fan of Coke (or pop in general; I'm more of a Gatorade girl) but I like some of the colors I'm seeing! Can't wait for it. :)


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