Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pahlish Blood Red Jam

Another Lana Del Rey-inspired polish from Pahlish equals another eager purchase from me. I really am powerless when something involves two of my favorite things: indie polish and Lana! Blood Red Jam is a deep red jelly base filled with sparkling red flakes and iridescent purple/orange sparks. It's a dark, sensual red that perfectly captures the brooding femme fatale side of the singer's persona--and heck, it's just pretty to look at!

The formula is stellar and covers in two coats. I highly encouirage clicking to enlarge these pics, because there's more going on in Blood Red Jam than might first meet the eye! It's packed with red flakes and those fun pops of purple and orange that really make this polish come alive, especially in the sunlight. It's a deep, classic red with a modern, sparkly twist!

You can purchase Pahlish from Llarowe and Etsy


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