Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Illamasqua Scorch

White polish may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but I'm of the opinion that everyone needs to have a good white in their stash to use for layering. I am just about out of my longtime go-to white polish, Sally Hansen White On, so when I had the chance to snag Scorch on clearance for about the same price as Sally, I couldn't pass that deal up! I'd never wear white polish on its own (reminds me too much of white-out), but I figured I'd swatch it alone here in case any of you were curious about this polish.

For a white polish, the formula is surprisingly non-streaky. It'd be nice if it was a touch thicker, just based on my own personal preferences, but other than that, I was impressed with how nicely this applies. I used three coats here. I like the high gloss finish Scorch has and it looks clean and smooth, making it an ideal base for layering.

Although this is a nice white, I would never pay the usual $17 Illamasqua price for white polish. To me, a higher price point is worth it if the color is something unique, but I just don't use white polish enough to justify the splurge. I am really happy I got Scorch on sale and I will definitely use it until it's completely gone but once I run out, I'll pick up something more affordable rather than re-purchase.


  1. I get this. I paid $8 for a bottle of OPI Alpine White and I mean, it's just white polish like you said. Now I am wondering what was I thinking?!!!

  2. This looks like a great white! Yea...the price point on the Illamasqua polishes has made me hold off on them. It's always great finding sales though!

  3. I'm totally with you about having a good white -- it's definitely a summer staple.


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