Friday, May 24, 2013

Orly Surreal Color Preview

We've got another glimpse at what this fall has in store for us with a sneak peek at Orly's upcoming Surreal Color Collection today! These six new polishes will be hitting the shelves in August.

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L to R: Pink Waterfall, Pixie Powder, Angel Rain, Purple Poodle, Teal Unreal, Digital Glitter

I love the names--very cute! Purple Poodle and Teal Unreal look like they might be up my alley. This is a completely frivolous observation, but can I also mention that while I like the new caps for Orly's re-design, I really miss the big O's the old bottles had? Somehow that just seemed more fun than the new brand logo.

Anything going on your wishlist? And I am the only one missing Orly's old bottle design?


  1. I miss the old bottles too! I'm liking the looks of Teal Unreal and Digital Glitter


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