Friday, August 31, 2012

Pixi Fall Polish Collection: Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Got any fun plans coming up for Labor Day weekend? I'm not going anywhere for the holiday, but I can't wait to get some rest and relaxation in!

Anyways, I've got Pixi's fall collection to share with you today! I am so happy Pixi is adding new colors to their polish line, because I've really enjoyed my previous adventures with this brand. (You can catch up HERE, if you like!) Pixi may be fairly new to the polish world, but you'd never know it based on this beautiful fall collection!

Let's kick things off with Classy Cocoa a.k.a. my new favorite brown! I am normally not a big fan of brown but this polish is just so sophisticated and rich-looking. It's a deep brown infused with a glaze of golden shimmer. Sometimes I think I see some purple-y tones peeking out, but they're so subtle I can't tell if they're actually there or if the polish fumes are finally getting to me after all this time and I'm imagining things! Either way, Classy Cocoa is a stunner! This is two coats.

Next we have Evening Emerald, a deep green shimmer. This is probably my favorite from the collection, although it's a tough choice. The shimmer in this polish is crazy beautiful!

Last but certainly not least, there's Amazing Amethyst, a royal purple with red and blue microshimmer. All my purple ladies out there (*ahem* Amanda), you will love this one--and I do too! It's absolutely gorgeous and the microshimmer gives it a lot of depth. This is two coats.

The formula on these polishes is fantastic. They all apply very smoothly and opaquely. The Pixi brush quickly became one of my favorites, because I love how the slim style of the brush allows for neat and precise application.

Each one of these polishes manages to make quite an impact and I really fell in love with all three. As I said, it would be very difficult to choose a favorite since I think you can't go wrong with any of them, but Evening Emerald is a real knockout! You can buy Pixi at your local Target or on their official website.

Disclosure: These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Replies
    1. I think this collection would be a great time to give Pixi a try! All three colors are AMAZING!

  2. Wearing Evening Emerald now.....bought the 2 but wanted to rock this one first. I had a lady in the elevator at work even ask me about it and when I was at Target finishing up school supplies I had to literally take a lady over to the Pixi display to show her. These are my first Pixi polished but I have a feeling they won't be my last !!!!!

    1. How cool! It's always gratifying when a polish is so beautiful that complete strangers ask about it! I love Pixi more and more with each polish I try. :)

  3. I may be the crazy purple girl, but all three of these are spectacular colors I would wear in a heartbeat!

  4. Ooooo! these are all fantastic!!! I really love the middle one!


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