Saturday, August 25, 2012

China Glaze First Mate

A while back, I went on the hunt for my perfect navy. I love blue polish but I realized my collection lacked the ultimate deep blue. (Me deciding I need to buy more polish? Shocking!) I wanted something that was rich-looking and dark, but not near-black. Thus the hunt began...and eventually ended with China Glaze First Mate. Take a look and I think you'll see why!

First Mate is absolutely flawless. It originally came out in the Anchors Away Collection but is now a part of Sally's core line. Core polishes can be easy to overlook or procrastinate on--I know I am certainly guilty of this--but First Mate is definitely worth of your attention. The color is absolutely gorgeous and the formula is amazing too. It is so close to being a one-coater but I ultimately needed two to cover up a few stray patches.

I am in love with this polish! I think navy nails are so chic and there's a bit of elegance them as well. It's a fun color but a bit more understated than bright blues--which of course I love too, don't get me wrong! I already have a layering idea in mind for this polish, but for now, I am enjoying wearing it all on its own!


  1. <3!!! I adore navy polishes! :D

  2. I love this color! It's one of my favorite blues because it is so versatile.

    1. Absolutely! It's definitely a stunner and I think it will make a great base color for layering too!

  3. I agree, this is a perfect navy blue :)

  4. I agree. When I want a great navy, this is the one I turn to. It's blue and not blackened as so many navys can end up being. I was upset when ChG released this collection and it was not sold in Sally's. But then mid fall of 2011, ChG released all but I think 1 of the Anchors Away collection to the ChG classics wall that is sold at Sally's. This navy has just enough dusty to it and just enough non dusty that makes it really super. I highly recommend this as being as close to a perfect navy as anyone will find.

  5. These deep cremes make me happy. I just love when a navy looks navy, which this certainly does.


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