Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Essie Good As Gold

When Essie's Mirror Metallics were first announced, I was a bit apprehensive. I was afraid they'd be too frosty or too brushstroke-y. If Essie was going to pull this collection off, the finish would have to be smooth, streak-free and vibrantly reflective. Now that I actually have the Mirror Metallics on my fingertips, I can tell you that is exactly what they've done.

The Mirror Metallics aren't foils, but true chrome finishes--and they are amazing! First up I have Good As Gold to show you, a golden chrome. This polish looks like you dipped your nails into molten gold.

My friend Brandi at The Collegiate Nail suggested to me that I apply these either with a ridge-filling basecoat or none at all. If your nails have prominent ridges, I really would suggest a ridge-filling basecoat, as chrome finishes really call attention to the texture of your nails and amplifies any little imperfections. But since I don't have a ridge-filling basecoat, I went without one and application was, surprisingly, near-flawless. Drytime is super fast and Good As Gold is virtually a one-coater. I used two here.

I was blown away by this polish. I only have one other true gold, my beloved OPI Glitzerland, but As Good As Gold stood out enough to convince me to add a second--and I don't regret the purchase one bit! If you like golds, you absolutely need this, no question!


  1. I keep eyeing this, but haven't been able to convince myself. Seeing your swatches is making my change my mind!

    1. I say go for it! These are some of the best, most reflective metallics I've ever tried--the "Mirror" description is very accurate!

  2. I can't pull the gold or silver metallics (or chromes) off but I have been enjoying seeing these Mirrors swatched. I'm so impressed with the lack of brush strokes!

  3. I am really impressed with these...hope to pick up a few myself

  4. Wow, this does look like molten! It's gorgeous.

  5. I was blown away on these too! It is like liquid metal! I have some pictures of penny talk on my blog.:)

  6. I don't "love" golds but this is one I'd have to try.

  7. For me, these all are seeming too frosty to be what I expected the collection to be. I know folks seem nuts over the Coppery Penny one esp. I bought the blue home and took it back to Rite-Aide. I am iffy about the new ChG Bohemian's too - they are coming across looking too frosty to me as well.


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