Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Formula X Athena

Remember the mouth-wateringly gorgeous Formula X Hera? Well today we're going to take a look at one of her lovely sisters, Athena! Both Hera and Athena are from Formula X's Divine Stardust line which is kinda like a mash-up between glitter and holo and is 1000% awesome.

Whereas Hera was rose gold goodness, Athena is a beautiful shade of sparkling aquamarine. Just look at her, you guys. Are further words required?

*swoon* It's so holo that it freaked my camera out! I could stare at this all day. The formula is a dream as well. This is three coats, sans top coat to keep that holo game strong.

My all-time favorite holos are from a-england and Color Club and now it's safe to say that the Divine Stardust polishes are right up there with them. If you are even remotely interested in holographic polish, you need to check these out!

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