Sunday, January 17, 2016

Deborah Lippmann Afternoon Delight (Spring 2016) Preview

Deborah Lippmann's Spring 2016 collection is something a little different from the brand, as it marks the debut of colored polishes to DL's gel-alternative line, Gel Lab Pro. I'm not sure if this means all of Deborah Lippmann's future new releases will be part of this Gel Lab Pro deal or if it will branch off into an entirely separate "brand-within-a-brand" thing like OPI Infinite Shine, China Glaze EverGlaze, Orly Epix, Butter London Patent Shine, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel...the list goes on.

 Although Gel Lab is my all-time HG base and top coat, I must confess that I am getting a little sick of so many brands releasing entirely separate "gel-alternative" color lines. I am all about gel-alternative base and top coats--they're pretty much all I wear--but having a whole other line of special long-wear colors (that are usually more expensive than the regular polishes, too) meant to go along with them seems kind of unnecessary to me.

Anyways, I'll get off my nail polish soapbox now and show you the pretty colors, because that's what we're here for! :)

Top row, L to R: The Pleasure Principle, Peaches & Cream
Bottom row, L to R: Get Lucky, Dirty Little Secret

Despite my little rant against the proliferation of gel-alternative colors, I do have to admit DL has put together a super cute collection here. Peaches & Cream and Get Lucky are both calling to me. The moral here I guess is that beautiful nail polish makes hypocrites of us all. ;)

The other new talking point for this collection is the introduction of a re-designed brush tip. This one appears to be more rounded than DL's traditional rectangular one.


 Afternoon Delight is already available on the Deborah Lippmann website, individually or as a set for a discounted price.

So, what do we think? Like the collection? Gel-alternative polishes: can't get enough or cut it out? I will buy a gel-alternative polish here and there strictly if I like the color itself, but otherwise, I don't feel compelled to buy replacements for existing shades I have from "regular" lines or anything to that extent.

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