Sunday, January 31, 2016

OPI My Twin Mimmy

OPI My Twin Mimmy is a sunshine yellow creme. I love pastel yellow polish but with yellows like these, I have to be really careful. I'm super pale and super blonde, so yellow is generally not my friend. Really vibrant, "traffic light" yellows do weird, unflattering things to my skin tone and you can definitely see that in my swatches, so just a forewarning.

I'm about to give you a very important piece of advice for applying this polish: Be patient. The formula here isn't a complete horror show, but it ain't great either. Yellow polishes tend to be temperamental and this one definitely is. What you see above is three coats. You'll want to allow extra dry time between layers, otherwise you'll wind up with uneven application and bubbling-soooo much bubbling, you guys.  I snapped these pics shortly after finishing my mani, but before long, the bubbles started to appear and there were a ton of them. I should have taken a picture but I was to horrified to do anything other than bust out the polish remover and take the whole damn thing off. Leave yourself extra time and you'll be a-okay. Rush and you'll wind up with complete ass. Such is the way of yellow nail polish.

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