Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zoya Rue

We're busting out some neutral nails for this week's Twinsie Tuesday! I decided to delve into my untrieds for my pick: Zoya Rue, a pink-toned nude. (Zoya calls this color "boudoir blush," which I think is a really cute description.)  Rue first came onto my radar because of the name. As a Hunger Games fan, I wanted it! Ultimately, I was lucky enough to receive this polish from Amanda, so a big thanks goes to her for hooking me up with this pretty nude!

The formula on Rue is awesome. It's got a near-perfect consistency to it that provides full coverage in two coats.

I was kinda worried the pink undertone on this one would clash with my skin, but I actually like how Rue looks on me! One of the things I appreciated about Zoya's Naturel collections is that they showcased a wide variety of "nudes" that will work on lots of skintones. Plus, even if the shade you pick isn't a mannequin hands match, it's still bound to be a clean, versatile palette cleanser. Win-win!

Thanks for checking in with me today and I hope you'll give a look-see to what my Twinsies did for their neutral manis too! :)

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  1. This color looks great on you! Awesome to hear formula was wonderful on it too.

  2. This is really pretty and it looks awesome on you!

  3. I love this nude, I have a really hard time finding nudes that suit my skin tone, but this one definitely does!

  4. This colour really suits you :-)

  5. This looks so pretty on you!! Zoya makes some great neutral polishes!

  6. Rue was my favorite shade from that collection; looks great on you!

  7. Rue looks amazing on you! I don't think I have this one.

  8. Looks great on you! Can never go wrong with a zoya nude.


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