Sunday, September 21, 2014

Butter London Tart With A Heart

Butter London Tart With A Heart is a charming iridescent glitter topper that I've featured on here before. After seeing it peeling out at me from my nail polish rack day after day, I started to get the itch to wear it again. So I popped it over OPI You're So Vain-illa and I gotta say, I forgot just how pretty this one is!

Tart With A Heart spreads very evenly and easily across the nail, delivering plenty of glittery goodness in just one coat.With one coat, removal was surprisingly easy too. I suppose you could build this up to wear alone but I think it truly comes to life with a base underneath. A neutral really lets you see all the different colors of glitter that are in this polish!

I've really been rekindling my love affair with BL lately. I used to buy Butter constantly but then I kinda fell off the wagon for a while. What brand have you recently fallen back in love with?


  1. Such a pretty glitter this is! I love how subtle it looks.

  2. I love that pretty neutral look. It almost looks like sand. I used to buy a lot of Butter London polishes too and for some reason I stopped. I love their colors though and the names are always so catchy. I usually have to look them up to see what they mean though as I am not familiar with British phrases or terms. A lot of the names are very tongue in cheek and always a bit sassy. I really like that glitter topper and I'm adding that to my wish list for the next time BL goes on sale. Thanks for sharing this pretty polish. I had seen that before in stores but I didn't know it was a layering polish and passed on it. Now I'm wishing I hadn't.

  3. This looks good and I like it :-)


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