Wednesday, September 24, 2014

China Glaze Life Preserver

Now that the fall season is officially upon us and pumpkin-themed everything is EVERYWHERE (not that I'm complaining--I love me a good pumpkin latte or pumpkin-scented candle), it's time to shift from the bright and bouncy citrus orange shades of summer to the terracota-toned oranges of fall. China Glaze Life Preserver is a perfect example. Plus this color has a throwback, 70s kind of vibe to it that I really like!

The formula here was okay, but not spectacular. I found it to be too thin and runny for my tastes. Still, I managed to get good coverage after three coats; you just have to be careful or else you'll wind up with some messy pooling around the cuticles.

Formula gripes aside, Life Preserver is still worth checking out. It's a departure from your typical orange and I like how unique it is! It came out as part of the Anchors Away Collection back in 2011, but I believe it's still a part of CG's core offerings, so it shouldn't be too tough to hunt down!


  1. This is a really nice shade! So bold :-)

    1. Thanks Ananka! It's definitely a standout shade--not your typical orange. ;)


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