Monday, April 29, 2013

My Ten Friends Attack Ships On Fire

My Ten Friends Attack Ships On Fire is a warm-toned, shimmering gold with various sizes of orange and blue glitter. It was recently reformulated and is now available as the first polish in the "Blade Runner" tribute collection (love that idea) at My Ten Friends' Etsy shop. I have the older, original version of Attack Ships On Fire, but it's so beautiful that I think it's still worth showing off! This is two coats of Attack Ships On Fire over L'Oreal Amazon's Flash.

I don't think I could sum it up any better than the official brand description: "Magnificent and glorious to behold and certainly not to be forgotten like tears in the rain." It's a stunning polish full of bright, vivid colors. The blue glitter pieces come in a couple different finishes--matte, metallic and holographic--so there is some nice variety as well. Amazon's Flash seems to be a near-perfect match for Attack Ships On Fire's actual base color; I just used Amazon's Flash to amp up the opacity and make the blue and orange really pop.

My understanding is the new version did away with the large orange hexes and features many small orange hexes instead. I actually like the look of the new version more, because you seem to get a more even mix of blue and orange glitter. I had to fish for the orange hexes in the version I have and I know that's one of the problems the reformulation aims to fix.

I am all about recommending My Ten Friends, not only because of the brand's extraordinary polishes, but because of the stellar customer service too. The owner, MeiLynn, is very hands-on. She's answered questions for me on both Facebook and Etsy and she could not have been more friendly and helpful. I love when a polish maker is willing to go the extra mile like that!


    This is so incredibly awesome!! :D


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