Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wet N Wild Light With Caution

UPDATE: Sorry for the technical issues with this post earlier. Anytime I publish a post from my phone lately, Blogger seems to always delete my post and only put up a blank post instead. Ugh... But I've got everything fixed now!

Today I've got a brand new glitter from Wet N Wild's latest collection, Sparks & Stripes, to show you: Light With Caution. There's a lot going on in this polish and it's all good. Light With Caution has a clear base packed with four types of glitter: small and large pink hex, large gold hex and small iridescent square. The overall effect is very blingy and festive. I love it! I layered two coats of Light With Caution over my Sally Hansen Black Tie I showed you the other day.

The formula on Light With Caution is good, albeit a touch thick for my tastes. Still, the glitter distributes evenly and you don't have to place the larger pieces individually. The dry time is also obscenely fast, so much so that I (gasp) didn't use topcoat since it felt totally dry and dent-proof within just a few minutes.

This is an absolute steal at $1.99. You gotta love Wet N Wild for consistenly putting out budget-friendly polish that doesn't skimp on quality. Unfortunately, their seasonal collections tend to be notoriously hard to find, but keep your eyes peeled for Light With Caution. I love this polish. It's unique, fun and super sparkly! This could instantly spruce up any mani.


  1. At first glance this seems similar to Spoiled Jewelry Heist.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a repackage. I noticed two of the other colors in the collection were repackaged and renamed Spoiled polishes.

  2. Replies
    1. It's so ridiculously sparkly in person! :)


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