Saturday, May 26, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Lipglasses: Swatches & Review

So after thoroughly convincing myself that I wasn't going to pick up anything from MAC's new Hey, Sailor! Collection, the other night I made an impromptu late-night purchase off the MAC website and picked up two of the lipglasses from the collection: Blessedly Rich and Riviera Life. Overall the collection struck me as a little underwhelming but these two beauties caught my eye.

Blessedly Rich is a coppery coral with gold and pink shimmer.

The coverage on Blessedly Rich is fairly opaque. The texture is rather sticky but personally I didn't find it bothersome. The gloss didn't feather or settle into lines at all on my lips, despite a bit of the settling you see on my hand here. It lasts about two to three hours on me before it's probably time to reapply. Or, this gloss fades very evenly to a subtle, peachy sheen, so you could also leave it as-as if you like!

The second gloss I got is Riviera Life, a bright orange with gold shimmer.

Riviera Life is the more opaque of the two glosses and it covers extremely well. If you like colors like MAC Morange, you'll definitely be a fan of this gloss as well. It actually reminds me a lot of China Glaze Riveting, albeit in lipgloss form, obviously. I must confess that I'm a huge fan of bright, dramatic lip colors so an orange gloss is right up my alley. This has the same texture as Blessedly Rich and also leaves behind a bit of a stain after fading. Weartime is comprable to Blessedly Rich and also like Blessedly Rich, Riviera Life doesn't feather or settle on me either.

Also, if you're curious about the packaging, the glosses, like the rest of the Hey, Sailor! products, come in an adorable nautical-themed box:

I like Blessedly Rich but I love Riviera Life! However, I'd say both are worthy purchases. Riviera Life has the superior formula but both are great, so your personal color preferences may swing your decision one way or the other. Blessedly Rich is admittedly the more versatile of the two shades and would be easier to wear everyday. Both glosses retail for $15.50. (There are also three other glosses from this collection that I didn't get.) You can get them at your local MAC store/counter or online at the MAC and Nordstrom websites.


  1. I love both of these. I limited myself to 3 items from this collection. Now I may want to pick one of these up too :S

  2. Riviera Life looks amazing! I just swatched Riveting for my blog yesterday so I completely get what you're saying about it being similar. I may have to check out my local MAC to test it out!


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