Monday, September 9, 2013

OPI Rock Goddess Preview

OPI's Halloween offering this year is a set of four new minis. I saw this set in-person for the first time yesterday, so if you like the look of it, you might be able to find it at your favorite polish place already!

L to R: Yellopalooza, Stand In Lime For Days, Rolling Bones, The Drummer's Hot

I am not a fan of minis, so I didn't pick this up, but it is a fun set of colors that work beyond only wearing them for Halloween. Rolling Bones in particular had a very beautiful, multi-faceted shimmer to it that doesn't come across in this preview shot. To me, that is the stand out from this set. The rest are nice, but don't look nearly as unique. 

Will you be channeling your inner rock goddess with this set or is it a pass for you?


  1. I usually skip on the minis too even though they're pretty cute hehe.

    1. The minis always look so cute, but then the teeny tiny handles...ugh, I think they're virtually unusable!

  2. WANT! I like teeny-tiny. I can buy more colors.

  3. Can't stand minis. LOVE these shades. Wonder if any are re-promotes? NEED that lime. Conflicted! @_@


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