Thursday, August 22, 2013

China Glaze Unrefined

I have been on the fence about non-sparkly textured polishes, but last time I was at Sally, they had some of China Glaze's textured polishes on clearance, so I decided to try one out. My friend Cordia shared some beautiful pictures of Unrefined, a textured bubblegum pink, on Facebook the other day and I'd had that polish in the back of my mind ever since, making it the natural choice. Once I got over the fact that creme textured polishes totally remind me of popcorn ceilings (just like the ones in my own apartment), I was kind of surprised how much I actually like this polish.

Unlike sparkly textured polishes, which look mostly like regular polish when you're first applying them, I could see and feel the little textured granules in this polish as I was spreading it across my nail. You'd think this would cause some application difficulties, but it was surprisingly easy and Unrefined was opaque in just two coats.

I am not a total convert to non-glittery textures yet, but I must admit I really enjoyed Unrefined. It's such a fun shade of bubble gum pink and the textured finish gives it a trendy twist. What do you think of China Glaze's textured polishes?


  1. This one is definitely a fun-looking one! Looks great on you!


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