Sunday, August 11, 2013

China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer

China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer is a bright mint green. Although this is part of CG's neon collection this year, I wouldn't really classify this as a neon; it's not quite that vibrant. But it's still very pretty and eye-catching! Such a perfect summer green.

As for the formula? Welcome to streak city. Population: Highlight Of My Summer. The consistency of the polish is fine--as in it's not too thin or too thick when you're applying it--but man, does it still find a way to streak on the nail. I used four coats, although a nail or two needed five. It's not the streakiest polish I've ever worn, but there's certainly some room for improvement here. It's a shame that the formula is kind of dodgy, because the color is absolutely gorgeous!


  1. It radiates with little available light, for me this is a total neon color, i love it

  2. Too bad about the formula...but the color is definitely awesome!


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