Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zoya FeiFei

FeiFei and I have a very complex relationship. In the bottle, FeiFei is seriously one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever seen. It looks like a swirling supernova of glitter, duochrome, shimmering metallic...basically everything I love in a polish.

On the nail, it's a smoky blue foil with multicolored shimmer and a very slight pink duochrome. I want to emphasize slight, because the amount of kick-ass metallic pink duochrome you see in the bottle is unfortunately not what you're going to get on your nails.  It reminds me of a smokier version of Zoya Crystal. FeiFei is still a pretty polish, but I feel like it falls short of the earth-shattering gorgeousness the bottle teases you with. Don't you hate it when that happens?!

Formula-wise, I found FeiFei a little goopy but still very workable. This is three coats. As for the polish itself, to be honest, I'm kind of underwhelmed. The shiny finish and multi-colored shimmer in FeiFei are pretty, but I still can't help longing for it to look the same as the bottle does. My friend told me she had the same issue with FeiFei but I got it anyways, because I'm stubborn like that.

What do you think of FeiFei? What was the last polish you were disappointed by?


  1. I love a metallic - this is gorgeous!

  2. While I think this is truly gorgeous on you, I felt the exact same way about Orly Oui which I swapped with you. The color was breathtaking but on me, I just felt something was off.

  3. I wanted FeiFei based on the bottle shots but now I'm definitely second guessing it.

  4. I think FeiFei is a pretty color, but I know the feeling of being let down by a color!

    I was very disappointed by Orly's "Rock The World" & Sinful Colors' "Cinderella."


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