Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get Michelle Obama's Nail Color & A Zoya Promo!

It seems like everyone and their sister is talking about Michelle Obama's greige nails from her DNC speech last night. The First Lady paired her greige mani with a Tracy Reese dress and J Crew shoes.

Photo Credit: Fashionista

Photo Credit: TresSugar
Photo Credit: The Atlantic Wire

As a nod to Mrs. O's manicure, Zoya is even offering a free bottle of their famous greige, Caitlin, with any purchase of $10 or more from now until 11:59 tomorrow night! Just use the code FIRSTPOLISH.

But what exact shade was the First Lady sporting last night? Well after much speculation, the Obama Campaign has revealed that her polish of choice was Artistic Color Gloss Soak-off Gel in the color Vogue.

You can purchase Vogue HERE or HERE (I'm not affiliated in any way with either site) but make sure you either have a UV light or a good salon on-call, since it is a special gel polish. Or if you're willing to wait a bit longer, I'm sure plenty of brands already have dupes in the works to jump on all the buzz!


  1. The Zoya offer isn't working :( Anyone know why?

    1. Oops, that's my bad, Traci! The code is FIRSTPOLISH, not FIRSTNAILS. I fixed it now. Sorry!

    2. Thanks so much Chelsea!!! I appreciate it!

    3. I ordered Zoya Jancyn and Shawn! Perfect fall colors!

    4. You're welcome! And sorry again for the mix-up. I looovee Shawn but I don't have Jancyn! They are great-looking colors though! Enjoy! :)

  2. Cannot fault Zoya or OPI for jumping on the 'we have something it might be' stupid not to have. Sad now to find out that the First Lady is not sporting a polish that is from a US company - the one she is wearing at the convention past 2 days and will assume she shows up with it still on tonight since it's a gel - is from an Aussie company. Bet that is the last time she makes that goof - normally she is really careful to wear US company products - bet she never thought the polish shade would rock so many heads and cause such a buzz.


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