Monday, February 6, 2012

OPI Unripened

I only own two OPI minis and they are both bottles of Unripened. Unripened originally came out as part of a the Go Goth! minis set for Halloween and while there are some full-sized bottles of Unripened out there, they were limited edition and the only place you are likely to find them now is on Ebay for above retail prices. I found these minis in a random bin last year at my Target, of all places. It looks like they'd pieced apart several Go Goth! sets to sell individually, as they also had minis of Sanguine (ember red) and Nevermore (re-package of OPI Ink). Maybe a little sketchy but hey, I'll take it haha.

Unripened is a black polish with teal glitter. In the bottle it looks like the teal has a purple duochrome to it but it didn't seem to translate on to the nail much. This polish got quite a bit of hype when it originally came out because OPI's never done anything quite like it, either before or since. My camera had an odd amount of trouble photographing this shade so I apologize if these shots aren't the best.

It's hard to gauge formula quality with the OPI mini brush since it's pretty different from using a full-size one. But I didn't encounter any real issues with Unripened. I used three coats here, although I easily could have done two. I was just trying to get the shimmer to surface more but sadly it never did; the black base kept swallowing it up. If the teal shimmer were more prominent and the duochrome showed up on the nail instead of just in the bottle, this would easily be one of my all-time favorite OPIs. Unripened is still pretty but I must admit I think I bought into the hype surrounding this polish a little too much and I was inevitably going to be let down a bit. It's an interesting shade and I like it, but I'd expected to be really knocked out by this one.

Have you ever been a victim of polish hype? Do you have Unripened and if so, do you like it?


  1. Unripened still looks fun! But I do know what you mean when you think it looks fab in the bottle and not as much on the nail. I have a couple OPI minis, they are the Pirates collection, and I find the little brush really hard to work with with the watery formula. I still love them though, it just takes me 4 coats!

  2. This is a pretty color, but it sucks when polishes are super amazing in the bottle but don't translate on the nail that well. I think this would have been awesome if it had. I still like it though!

  3. @Anne: It's a fun polish but yeah, I really wish it looked like the bottle! I've heard a lot of people have trouble with the minis, which is why I don't own a whole lot of them. They're definitely a money saver and a good way to try new polishes though!

    @Melissa: This would be really amazing if it looked like the bottle. It's such a bummer when duochrome doesn't translate. But yes, I still think it's a nice color. :)

  4. I like this one, I've never seen it before, I guess coz it's fairly rare now :)

  5. @hollysagemini: Thanks! Yes, it's pretty rare at this point--that's why I was so surprised to see it in an actual store! It's still easy to find on ebay though. :)


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