Monday, February 27, 2012

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors: Wel-Kim To My World Preview

OPI must really be making bank with the Kardashian Kolors because they will be releasing a third installment. (You may recall that in addition to the initial set, there were also some CVS-exclusive shades released this month.) This latest addition to the Kardashian Kolors, called Wel-Kim To My World since all the polishes are named for Kim, will feature six new polishes. I don't pay any attention to the Kardashians themselves but I actually really like the Kardashian Kolors I already have, so I'm excited to see more of them!

Here Kim's The Sun

Kim Konfidential

Up & Kim-ing Pink

Nothing Kim-pares To Blue

Lights, Kim-era, Action!

Others Pale By Kim-parison

Okay, so the names are majorly obnoxious but there appear to be some cute colors here. Here Kim's The Sun really caught my eye, although I think it may have some similarities to Butter London Tart With A Heart, which I already have. Lights, Kim-era, Action! also reminds me a bit of Illamasqua Hemlock. It's so hard to tell with these bottle shots though...

I wonder how many more Kardashian Kolors NOPI will release? I wouldn't mind seeing more so long as the colors continue putting out interesting shades. I like that the Kardashian Kolors aren't just a bunch of pinks and reds; there's something for pretty much everyone. The official release date for these is April. Unlike the original Kardashian Kolors, which initially launched only at Walmart, and the CVS exclusives, Wel-Kim To My World will be a wide/general release.

Are you ready for more Kardashian Kolors? Which ones made your wishlist from this round of Kolors? (Ugh, I will never stop hating that spelling!)


  1. There are some really lovely polishes there (but I HATE the names, ohmygosh!!! >.<!!!)

    1. Haha I know, the names are a whole new level of awful! Can you imagine people at OPI sitting around trying to come up with them? At least the colors themselves make up for some atrocious naming!

  2. LOL ^^ "Can you imagine people at OPI sitting around trying to come up with them?" Totally agree with you on that on. Im not sure about these polishes. From the bottle shots they dont look like anything special. Or is it just me. I wouldnt pay $7-$8 something just for such a simple color. Thats just me though. Hopefully someone will have awesome swatches! (=


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